Hair and Makeup Staff

Mehak Ali          

Fashion and makeup has been a major component to my life because it has allowed me to express my culture and religion; this lead me to constantly think about how i was portraying myself in society and how it differentiated me from my peers. I hope to bring this aspect of my identity and life into the magazine.

Claire J Lee    

Member of Makeup department Class of 2023 Junior Majoring in Economics, Minoring in E&M and Visual arts Member of Marque since 2019

bea tran

Makeup is something I really enjoy doing and experimenting with because I enjoy seeing the final product and how that could complement our faces and outfits, as well as sour personalities. I’m very excited about the work that Marque does and very happy to be part of the team!

cERA huffman

derin tanrioven

lais santoro