Meet our Board

Hanna Al-Kowsi

Editor in Chief

The moment in which we present ourselves, our inner selves, to others, is a vulnerable and beautiful one, and in fashion, it is a constant and continual occurrence.  Fashion is unconstrained, unrestricted in expression –– though language may limit the transfer of the personal to the known, fashion reaches and exceeds those limits, and allows us to give our full, uninhibited selves, to be who we most deeply are with strength and confidence.  I hope that Marque is a space of fervent creativity and bold expression; a space of joy and of pride; a space without borderline.  It’s an honor to serve as Editor in Chief, and I cannot wait to see where our future lies.

Daniela Rodriguez

Creative Director

Iris Lee

Chief Operations Manager

I’m a Writing Seminars and Psychology major in the class of 2024. Fashion allows me to embrace the performativity of everything I do and to direct my own performance. It is my daily image-creation, a way of building myself into the person I am and want to be.


Moe Alghawi

Managing Editor | Online

Hi! I’m Moe and I’m a senior studying Molecular & Cellular Biology, Public Health and Theatre. To me, fashion is a bridge to creativity. There are so many ways fashion can be used in self-expression. It is a reflection of culture, history, and identity. I love being part of Marque because it provided me with a network of people that feel the same way!


Alyssa Kattan

Managing Editor | Editorial


Miso Rashed

Director of Makeup | Makeup

Hi! My name is Miso and I’ve always loved makeup!! I started really experimenting during sophomore year and I’m so glad I’m able to take what I learned over the lockdown and apply it with Marque :). My makeup style is always trying to do something new and trying to create something completely different from what I’ve done before (when im not just in eyeliner). So, it’s great to be able to see these new designs on our models. I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we do <3.


Maria Herne

Director of Special Projects and Events | Events

PhotographY and videogAPHy

Evan Kuo

Head of Photography | Photography

Assiya Drissi

Photoshoot Director | Photography


Madison Morrison

Co-Director of Layout | Design

I’m a junior mechanical engineer interested in aerospace from San Francisco, CA. My creative outlets include drawing, painting and graphic design. Fashion has always been my favorite form of self expression and I’m eager to further my artistic passions through Marque.


Shalala Leny

Director of Style | Style

Marketing and Communications

Director of Marketing and Communications


Yasmine Mettawa

Chief Financial Officer | Finance

I am a sophomore Economics major with a Film and Media Studies minor. I view fashion as a type of visual art that serves as a means of expression and individuality. I believe that fashion as a form of expression can hold a lot of value, which is why I am very excited to be working with Marque. Additionally, I have a passion for marketing and outreach, so I’m very excited for this role and can’t wait for you all to see our next issue!


Oluchi Ogbonna

Co-Director of Modeling | Modeling

Yordanos Degefe

Co-Director of Modeling | Modeling