Meet our Board

Ryan Aghamohammadi

Editor in Chief

Fashion is our bridge between the corporeal and the ethereal — through the construction and presentations of our outfits, we can tell the narrative of who we are, both in a physical and spiritual manner, as well as who we want to become. In its purest form, fashion is a mode of claiming agency and narrative control at a time when trends and societal pressure attempt to dictate who someone should be. Through Marque, I hope we cultivate a space that serves as a nexus of creative innovation and authenticity: a place where you can be whoever you want to be and be powerful because of that. Be bold, be brash, and, most importantly, be the most impossible version of yourself.

“The more people that are afraid when they see new creation, the happier I am.” – Rei Kawakubo

Marissa McDonald

Creative Director

Phoebe Chu

Chief Operations Manager


Moe Alghawi

Managing Editor | Online

Hi! I’m Moe and I’m a junior studying Molecular & Cellular Biology, Public Health and Theatre. To me, fashion is a bridge to creativity. There are so many ways fashion can be used in self-expression. It is a reflection of culture, history and identity. I love being part of Marque because it provided me with a network of people that feel the same way!


Hanna Al-Kowsi

Managing Editor | Editorial


Miso Rashed

Director of Makeup | Makeup

Hi! My name is Miso and I’ve always loved makeup!! I started really experimenting during sophomore year and I’m so glad I’m able to take what I learned over the lockdown and apply it with Marque :). My makeup style is always trying to do something new and trying to create something completely different from what I’ve done before (when im not just in eyeliner). So, it’s great to be able to see these new designs on our models. I hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we do <3.


Yaw Aduse-Poku

Director of Special Projects and Events | Events

Hi! I’m Yaw and I’m a sophomore MechE major. My love for fashion has for a long time been based in my love for art and other modes of expression. I’m always a fan of someone being able to be unapologetically themself and show themself off in whatever way they want. I love working at Marque because I get to see just how creative everyone else is in expressing themselves visually, and I get to be involved in the creation of a magazine that showcases such diverse and creative expression.

PhotographY and videogAPHy

Jimi Garcia Santos

Photoshoot Director | Photography

Nela Mohan

Head of Photography | Photography

Hi, I’m Nela and I’m from Fort Collins, CO. I’m a sophomore at Hopkins studying biomedical engineering and electrical engineering. I use portrait photography as a creative outlet, and I enjoy capturing the beauty of individuals. Outside of Marque, you can find me in ballet or doing research at JHH.


Daniela Rodriguez

Co-Director of Layout | Design

Hello, I’m a Neuroscience Major, and Visual Arts Minor from Dallas, Texas! Passionate about my two dogs and graphic design!

Megan Abate

Co-Director of Layout | Design

I love fashion as a form of art and self expression. Thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies and it can be super fun to find new, unique pieces. So excited to continue bringing fashion to Hopkins with Marque!


Mia Hotsuki

Director of Style | Style

Marketing and Communications

Stephanie Lee

Director of Marketing and Communications


Ally Heath

Chief Financial Officer | Finance


Oluchi Ogbonna

Co-Director of Modeling | Modeling

Yordanos Degefe

Co-Director of Modeling | Modeling