Upcycling Your Closet with Katsthread: Will Rong

In a world with an increasingly globalized economy, there is a growing need for us to act as responsible consumers. The economic choices we make can have far-ranging societal implications due to the interconnected nature of global supply chains. What we consume and the business entities that we buy from can have a significant impact…

A Short Reflection on Beauty – Audrey Hepburn: Will Rong

This time around, I wanted to write a short reflection on beauty by examining beauty as personified by a fashion icon — and one of my personal role models — Audrey Hepburn. I love all things film-related, and I wouldn’t be able to really call myself a movie buff without understanding Miss Hepburn’s influence on…


One of the aspects of fashion that I love the most is its ability to be used as a medium for artistic expression. That being said, I’m thrilled to be sharing my passion for fashion through two of my other favorite creative outlets: writing and videography.