Upcycling Your Closet with Katsthread: Will Rong

In a world with an increasingly globalized economy, there is a growing need for us to act as responsible consumers. The economic choices we make can have far-ranging societal implications due to the interconnected nature of global supply chains. What we consume and the business entities that we buy from can have a significant impact — positive or negative — on the workers in an industry as well as the natural environments that the industry extracts its materials from. The fashion industry is no exception to this rule. As a result, we see a growing movement for sustainable fashion, in which we as consumers can advocate for business models in the industry that work equitably with people and nature as opposed to exploiting them.

To explore how we can be more conscious consumers of fashion, I’ve invited my friend Kat, who runs a sustainable fashion account on Instagram, to give us some advice on how to get started with upcycling. Upcycling is a wonderful way to make sustainable fashion choices. Especially as we find ourselves in quarantine, it can be a great time to dig up some old articles and turn them into something fresh and exciting. Kat is very passionate about ethical fashion, and she’s helped me a lot personally in getting started with my sustainability journey. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @katsthread. I hope y’all find this video insightful and enjoyable, and as always, many blessings.