Yellow According to Color Psychology

Entering spring, the fashion runways have brought a new trend to our eye: yellow. This powerful color can be daunting to most because it can often be difficult for people to pull off. As daunting as this color is, introducing it into your life could actually have numerous psychological benefits. In different cultures, yellow represents different things; in Mexico, yellow can be a symbol of mourning; in Japan, it represents courage; in China, yellow is associated with sexuality. Yellow has different meanings but, generally, it’s associated to positive qualities of happiness, warmth and energy. 

Color psychology shows that just by introducing a little bit of yellow, you can change your mood; certain shades that are extremely bright or extremely dark are known to induce agitation because of how energetic and aggressive they can be but other shades of yellow may incite feelings of youthfulness and positivity. So by wearing a yellow scarf or yellow shoes, you can actually improve someone else’s and your own mood. Introducing yellow into your home can help you become more productive – perhaps a helpful tip for some people- and introducing yellow into your kitchen can actually stimulate your appetite. Harness this psychology to benefit your day-

to-day life – and you’ll also be keeping up with the trend. If you’re having a down day, pop on a yellow sweater. Be daring and bold in this eye-catching color. If you’re hesitant to wear such a ‘difficult’ color, don’t be! There are unspoken rules as to who can and can’t wear yellow but that’s just a myth. Finding the right shade that suits you is possible. 

Neons are now the new trend, and brands such as Emporio Armani, Off-White and Jeremy Scott are storming the runways with vibrant pink, lime-green, and blinding yellow. Yellow was once an accessory color but now it has become the statement color. Stylists are now creating fully yellow outfits made to catch your eye and embrace how powerful the color yellow is. For some people, a head-to-toe yellow look can be too much but being so daring is inspiring. Blake Lively rocked a fully neon yellow suit to an interview and though critics say it was too much, she still wore it with such confidence that it worked. Confidence can be the key to mastering fashion forward looks or even being brave enough to try something new. 

Color has the ability to affect our mood and other people’s moods. Color is present everywhere but very little has been done to explore the way it changes our behaviour. Mastering this could be a way to improve your day-to-day life. Maybe you could affect an important interview by just wearing the right colors. Or maybe you just  brighten up your day. I’m not suggesting you make yourself dependent on your clothing or the colors you wear, but being bold in trying something new could be the key to improving life. 

Yellow is a crazy, bold, wonderful color so be daring with it – you may find it worthwhile.

– Jimi Garcia Santos