Weddings—wonderful to wacky.

When one thinks of a wedding, the most common thought is that of the dress. Wedding dresses have become the center of (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event and therefore have hundreds -even thousands – of dollars invested in them. Traditionally, the bride is dressed in white and her silhouette hasn’t really changed over the years. There is an unspoken ‘look’ that this silhouette has to follow: long skirt, white or cream color coupled with an angelic air of sorts. These qualities have been dictated by an ancient ritual but hardly nothing has seemed to change it. Styles have come and gone, and attempted to change these dresses but they stay stubborn in their look. It seems these dresses will remain an old staple in people’s minds, however, things are changing.

Wedding dresses are a field that is untouched; There is so much potential and designers are now just seeing the possibilities. Fashion shows in Milan are now debuting these new creations: trousers, jumpsuits, sheer dresses. A new age in wedding fashion is coming. Celebrities are already entering this new age with Dita von Teese stamping out all rules with her iridescent purple wedding dress. This dress is iconic; with its shimmery fabric and incredible silhouette, there is nothing traditional about it. Some criticise its lack of tradition, however, your wedding day is something very personal and your dress should reflect that. Dita von Teese’s dress was an expression of herself. The purple was statement of her originality and I believe this kick-started this trend of new, personalised wedding attire. 

Angelina Jolie wore her children’s drawings on her veil. Pamela Anderson wore a white bikini. Emily Ratajkowski wore a mustard suit from ZARA. Wedding attire has now become a platform to send a message. Angelina Jolie wanted to show the world that even though this is her day, her children come before anything. Pamela Anderson, well, just wanted to wear a bikini. She was a sex icon of the 90s and what better way to remind people of the reasons why. Emily Ratajkowski didn’t have a traditional wedding and neither did her attire reflect that. Not only was she wearing a suit but she didn’t spend ostentatious amounts on her ready-to-wear clothing. Perhaps she thought there were better things to spend on, regardless, she still looked gorgeous. These women, with these very different choices, all share one quality: these looks were unique. 

As mentioned before, Pamela Anderson debuted a bold and incredibly sexy wedding ‘outfit’. What was once a modest display of purity has now transformed into capturing the sexiness that is to be a woman. Spanish brand, Pronovias, hosts one of the largest wedding fashion shows and over the past few years has produced dresses that, although retain the classic long train and white theme, have aspired to bring a sexiness to wedding wear. Mesh panels and lace are meticulously placed to hint and tease. Slits form daring looks. Fashion is moving us forward to celebrate the sexiness we have and I, personally, am all for it.

Ladies – and gentlemen – the options are limitless. This is a new platform for expressing your individuality, and nothing is there to stop you. This day is something so special and personal, your clothing should reflect that. White is no longer the set colour and a dress isn’t always necessary. Fashion allows us to express emotions and thoughts in ways we’ve barely discovering. Go wear a dress or maybe you’d rather a t-shirt and shorts. It really is up to you and if in every aspect of your life you dictate your decisions, then your wedding day should be no exception.

Dress however the hell you want, it’s your day.

– Jim Garcia Santos