Clash of Colors No More: Red and Pink

As Vogue says, pink and red seem to be the new black and white. What once was a big fashion “do not” has become the staple pairing on runways lately. A continuation of the trend of bold colors that dominated runways last year, 2019 is all about mixing bold pink and red.

Various designers are incorporating the colors into their collections. In 2017, Valentino’s ready-to-wear collection featured what one would imagine to be a clash of colors but once again, the brand impressed us by making its own fashion norm. In one of the outfits, a model walked the runway in magenta boots, a lavender pink trench coat, a bright, red dress and a maroon bag that seamlessly fit together. In the label’s autumn winter collection of the same year, a model was featured a long, bright, red dress with a candy pink coat of the same length that expressed comfort and minimalism while simultaneously making a bold statement.   

Famous celebrities are walking out onto the streets making a bold statement as well. In 2011, Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress who played the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, sat down with David Letterman wearing a Prabal Gurung cape blouse and hot pink trousers. Like a true fashion icon, she was far ahead of the trend that became popularized much later. Fashion influencers like Aimee Song have also posted pictures of their red and pink outfits on their Instagram and gained massive popularity through the same.

Nowadays, the trend isn’t limiting itself to runways and celebrities. The general public isn’t afraid to make their statement by mixing the two colors, and neither should you.

– Yoosoo Yeo