Editorial Staff

Mahalia munalem

Hello everyone! My name is Mahalia and I am a writer/editor for Marque. To me, fashion is an expression of who I am and who I want to be. It is a tool to better represent each of our unique selves and helps us feel more comfortable in our own skin. Similarly, I love using writing as a creative outlet and a means of articulating myself. Sometimes we find ourselves misunderstood or struggle to have a voice in society but with writing and fashion, I can be heard – so join us and listen to the collective voice of Marque Magazine!

Katalina de Leon

I’ve always loved photography and fashion, flipping through magazines on end. I also have a passion for creative writing. What can be better than letting my creative juices flow through Marque Magazine?

liana Savarirayan

Fashion has always been my outlet and escape from any sort of stress. For most of my life, fashion has given me a mode to express myself and not overly analyze or think; it feels natural. Writing for Marque allows me the opportunity to embrace the more creative, artistic side of myself and not solely define myself as a pre-med, STEM student.

Elle grant

sofia angel

Jimena Garcia Santos